Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club : Sponsors


Official Food & Beverage Sponsor

RUFDC Members get:
  • 15% off all regular priced food items
  • 15% off regular priced Highballs & Brewsters Beer
  • More details coming for the 2017 deals....

  • All affiliated League Teams would receive 15% off sublimated apparel from BE Ultimate
  • We offer free concept realization artwork design. What this means is if a team has an ideaof what they’d like for their jersey and can hand draw it, we can go from that and create
compatible artwork for them, for free.
Interested in Partnering with RUFDC?
As a non-profit sports organization, the Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club carefully selects partnerships with the following questions in mind:
  • What benefit will this partnership bring to our members?
  • Does this align with our current strategic objectives as an organization?
  • Does this benefit or improve the overall ultimate community? 
If you are with an organization that you believe would be a great addition to our current partners, please contact and tell us how you think we could work together.

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