Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club : History


RUFDC’s creed to promote the sport known as Ultimate  started in 1998. RUFDC was the first official Ultimate organization in Saskatchewan and we continue to be one top Ultimate communities in the province. RUFDC, through its leadership of the elected executive and countless volunteers, continues to thrive and grow by advocating the sport in high schools and in the community.

The Regina Riot, RUFDC's annual outdoor tournament, is a premiere showcase of Ultimate and Spirit-of-the-game (SOTG). Teams from all over the prairies come to compete for glory and indulge in the hospitality of the Regina Ultimate community. Originally bearing the name 'Boh-Down' (a play on words relating to another popular tournament hosted annually in Calgary), the tournament has been run every year since 1999, rain or shine.  Though the name has changed, the idea of friendly competition and socializing with other players from across the country has not ... these days, the legacy continues as "The Cat in the Hat Tournament".

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